AWELLCURE UV-LED System : Nepcon Vietnam 2018
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Nepcon Vietnam 2018 was held in SaigonExhibition and Convention Center (SECC) during 11 Oct 2018 - 13 Oct 2018, the exhibition is a platform for procurement, demonstration, technology and academic exchange of electronic industry chain. It gathers many high-quality electronic equipment suppliers, component suppliers, system integrators, operators and service providers all over the world. It is a very importantplatform for enterprises to open the market of Vietnam and southeast Asia.

Our company was well prepared to attend this exhibition, at the exhibition, our sales and technical staff showed  our products (such as UV LED spot light source, line light source, area light source, UV measuring instrument, UV curing glue, etc.) to the visitors. Our company's UV LED light source products have been well welcomed at theexhibition due to the excellent performance such as high service life, mercury and ozone free, ultra-high cooling performance, ultra-low powerconsumption and intelligent operation.

During the exhibition, we also conducted in-depth and extensive exchanges with industry peers, customers, upstream and downstream enterprises. These exchanges not only help some customers solve the UV curing problems, but also point the direction for our future research and development. Technological innovation is always what we are pursuing.


Exhibition moments review:

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