UV LED Curing Technology


Awellcure focuses on the UV LED curing technology, continually develop new applications for customers. With the help of the company's patented LED Encapsulation technology and intelligent control technology, providing the highest UV output and the most stable operating performance, the advantages of UV LED can be demonstrated.
Long Distance Irradiation Technology
High Power LED Cooling Technology
UV LED Encapsulation Technology

Intelligent Control System

Awellcure adopts the patented LED encapsulation technology, making the best combination of the chip array and high-power cooling technology. Combining with chip screening technology, offers the best energy output products with the optimal cost.
Awellcure’s high-power cooling technology can easily deal with the cooling of 130W / cm strength of the power, and provide intelligent temperature management, making the heat and chip temperature control in the best balance point.
In the case of long-range exposure, to make the LED chips achieve the best intensity, it is needed to carry out a special encapsulation structure design combine with optical technology. Awellcure has many years of experience in this area and will make the special design according to the actual situation of customer’s equipment.
The major feature of UV LED is easy to control, but it is not easy in the industrial field to control many high-power LED chips. The intelligent control system of Awellcure can do a precise detection of each current, intelligent control including chips control and management, as well as driving, cooling system and the entire system control, so that the system automatically monitors, feedback and control. All control of the system access to a touch screen computer through the network cable, put where the customer needs. And can access to Awellcure cloud, remote diagnosis and control updates.
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