UV LED Curing Applications

Awellcure innovate the UV LED products that can be used in printing, adhesives, coatings, industrial assembly and other fields. According to the customer's process requirements, Awellcure is tailor-made for customers UV LED curing solution, and provide overall solution of LED encapsulation, optical and intelligent control integrated into the customer system.

Industrial Manufacturing
Adhesive Industry
Coating Industry
Printing Industry
In the industrial manufacturing of various occasions, especially in the more demanding use and maintenance environment, the characteristics of UV LED energy output stability and can be precisely controlled make it simple and controllable, even if in the complex environment.
Adhesive industry has been the main application of UV LED. UV LED device is with small size, luminous stability and easy to use, greatly improving the use environment of adhesive.
The characteristics of UV LED cold light source make it used widely in the paint industry more than mercury lamp, and energy consumption significantly reduced. Applications include optical film, PVC decorative materials, all kinds of wood, steel, fiber optic cable and other fields.
​​UV LED is a pure UV light source, with high efficiency, energy saving characteristics, economic and environmental advantages, developing rapidly in recent years and gradually and quickly replace the traditional mercury lamp. UV LED curing technology is the first choice of UV ink curing in inkjet, offset printing, flexo and other printing process. It adapts to a wider range of materials, curing performance more thorough, function reliable, long life and maintenance-free.
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