About Awellcure
UV-LED curing application
UV-LED curing technology
Awellcure is the leader of LED encapsulation, optical and intelligent control technology for the uv curing.
The headquater is located in Shanghai, with sales offices in Eastern and Guangdong. The service and manage teams have 10 years' experience in the R&D and marketing of the LED encapsulation, optical and intelligent control.
——Contact information——
Tel: +86-21-3765 7189
Fax: +86-21-3765 7189
E-mail: uv@awellcure.com

Awellcure (Shanghai) Intelligent System Co., Ltd successfully apply the products to a variety of harsh curing processes, including adhesives, coatings, inks and other fields.

In addition to standard products, Awellcure can also customize the design of LED encapsulation, optical and intelligent control, etc.

UV curing refers to the process of curing UV inks, coatings and adhesives by exposure UV light. Unlike the evaporation form of curing, UV radiation curing ink is without any VOC volatilization, the process is simple and reliable, widely used in printing, electronics, optical fiber, building materials and other industrial fields.

Awellcure uses autonomous UV LED encapsulation technology to produce the UV light source. Combine with our intellient control technology, we provide the best UV light source with the highest radiation intensity and the best stability.

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